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Here’s a Chinese Spot from the Tacolicious Crew

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That’s the letter that starts all sorts of good words, like “unbuckle” and “ukulele.”

That’s also the shape of your massive dumpling-covered booth by the window in a new Chinese spot from the Tacolicious crew...

The place is called Chino, and yes, that’s Spanish for “Chinese,” and that makes a whole lot of sense as far as good names go, and it’s opening tonight in the Mission.

Up front, by the windows facing 16th Street. That’s where the two big blue booths are, big enough for you and a bunch of friends. And big enough for you to sample everything that’s going to need to go ahead and get sampled here.

Once up and running, it’ll be open all day. Come whenever. Stay till whenever. In the meantime, note the Chinese lanterns, the pink desk lamps on the bar, the open dumpling kitchen and... you’ll probably stop noting things after the open dumpling kitchen.

And then: out come the pan-fried chicken-and-leek dumplings. Steamed pork buns. Shrimp wontons. Bao de Chicharon, inspired by Tacolicious and ordered in quantities of two, or four, or eight.

You can see how this might all get out of hand. Even before the Boba Coladas, which are what you think they are, start showing up.

So that’s why you need the big booth.

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