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A Downtown Spot with Chocolate Fried Chicken

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There are things you do to fried chicken.

Like... eat it. And think about it. And think about eating it.

And there are things you absolutely don’t do to fried chicken.


Put chocolate in the batter and create a rift in the space-time-fried-chicken continuum.

Just kidding, that happens too now.

See you at ChocoChicken, an intrepid new concept frying your chicken batter with generous helpings of bittersweet chocolate, expecting to open as soon as Thursday in Downtown with some help from the founder of Umami.

About that chicken: they’re battering a 36-hour-brined Jidori chicken with 20 spices and a secret mixture containing bittersweet cocoa. Based, we assume, on the fundamental principles of the “two great things together equal one really great thing” theory.

So next time you leave Staples Center hungry—or just, you know, you need to try this stuff—bring everybody here. Somebody’ll ask if this is the old Corkbar space. You’ll say yes. Somebody’ll note that there’s a whole lot of metal instead of all the blond woods. You’ll...

... refocus everybody on the chocolate fried chicken arriving at your table with a side of duck-fat fries and chocolate ketchup. Also: white-chocolate mashed potatoes. Chocolate-infused whiskey and chocolate tequila. Apple-fritter ice cream sandwiches with salted chocolate ice cream.

Yes, enjoying chocolate’s a bit of a prerequisite.

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