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Patty Melts. Ice Cream. Lobster. Whiskey.

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When you’re at a whiskey bar, you crave ice cream.

When you’re getting ice cream, lobster sounds fantastic.

And when lobster’s in front of you, man, it’s nice, but a patty melt sure sounds good.

God. Just go here already...

To Playa Provisions, that is—it’s an inviting new seaside place that’s actually four different places under one glorious roof, now open from Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts (the Tripel, Hudson House...).

Here’s how you’ll use it:

For picnic prep.
First you’ll see King Beach, a counter handling your iced coffee, smoked-potato salad, lemonade and dry-aged ribeye patty melt needs.

To cool off.
There’s also Small Batch, an ice cream counter with horchata-blackberry popsicles and Thai-tea ice cream. Because summer might be hotter than January this year.

For a surrogate bonfire.
Maybe you missed your window on a Dockweiler fire pit. Enter Dockside, the seafood restaurant with dune views. Have a piña colada at the fish-tank-strapped bar, then hit the blond-wood-covered, open-roofed patio for oysters and crab-cake-breaded crab claws at your own fire pit.

For warmth.
The beach gets cold at night. Well, LA-cold. Thankfully, Grain will exist in mid-June—it’s a sultry little whiskey bar in back. There’ll be Old Fashioneds and deviled eggs on crispy chicken skin.

We wouldn’t end this without deviled eggs on crispy chicken skin.

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