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Cold-Brew Coffee on a WeHo Beach

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The beach is great, of course.

But it could really benefit from a more central location.

Paddle out to Beach Nation, a sand-covered café that’s like an actual beach in the middle of West Hollywood, opening next Thursday on Santa Monica Boulevard.

So yeah, you’ll find yourself sitting under palm trees in an Adirondack recliner with your toes in the sand. And yes, you’re on West Hollywood’s busiest street. But you’ll hardly notice among this escapist fantasy of sea grass and overhead sails.

In a few weeks, they’ll have beer and wine—at which point they’ll attain full beach status in your mind. For now, it’s more attuned to relaxed second dates over brunch or lunch.

So dip inside the beach shack. Order a cold-brew or an espresso with dark chocolate and coconut milk (the coffee’s from NorCal’s Barefoot Coffee, and this is the only place in town you’ll find it), and whatever catches your eye from the Rockenwagner pastry display.

Then you can just delegate the rest of the work to others. You’ll bask in the sun, feet in the sand. A server will deliver bacon-cheddar pretzel twists and chicken salad sandwiches on pretzel buns. You’ll simultaneously eat, drink and build your base tan.

Solid multitasking.


Beach Nation
8292 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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