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An Italian Sandwich Shop in Scarpetta’s Kitchen

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You usually know what you’re getting at Scarpetta.

The spaghetti, obviously.

Unless you’d rather walk into the kitchen and demand a sandwich.

That’s now possible at Paninoteca, a brand-new Italian sandwich shop for midday pastrami sandwiches, chicken parms and heroes you walk into the Scarpetta kitchen to order—it’s officially open for lunch on weekdays.

You’ve wanted another way to use that beautiful garden courtyard between Bouchon and the Montage. Scarpetta wanted to open its beautiful, marble-clad open kitchen to get you sandwiches at lunch. This is what the industry calls “synergy.”

So next time you get the desire to conduct your WME summit outside, you’ll show up on the side of the hotel where the restaurant is and walk right in the door to the kitchen. Really. It’s... a nice kitchen.

Scan the overhead menu. Order a pineapple-basil agua fresca... and a pastrami, pork belly porchetta with fried egg or Godmother-like hero sandwich on house-baked bread. You won’t be in the dining room where Scarpetta does dinner, just at one of the city’s best fountain-side courtyard tables. Or, like, your desk.

And whatever you choose, it will come with their herby potato chips.

They’re not sandwich heathens.

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