Things to do for May 15, 2014

The Weekender

Barbecue, Motorcycles and Leather

Official Selection, Festival de Weekend

Two Very Significant New Rooftops

Two Very Significant New Rooftops

For views of the skyline: Ascend to Sonny’s Soda Shoppe (pictured), which has a) replaced Soaked at Mondrian SoHo, and b) spiked gelato floats and pizza. Call it an upgrade.
For views of the beautiful people: Proceed to the Jane Rooftop, which no longer requires a membership for admission.

The New Leather Capital of Nolita

The New Leather Capital of Nolita

Oregon’s Will Leather Goods just set up shop in Nolita. And by “set up shop,” we mean turned a store into a Douglas fir barn and filled it with bags, belts and shoes that’ll outlast your grandkids. Which actually seems kind of morbid now that we’ve said it.

If Jimi, Elvis and Gaga Had a Yard Sale

If Jimi, Elvis and Gaga Had a Yard Sale

Reasons you’d visit Times Square on a Saturday:
1) To play Hendrix’s first guitar.
2) To drive away in Lady Gaga’s Rolls-Royce.
3) To try on Elvis’s old jumpsuit.
4) Because there’s an auction at the Hard Rock Cafe involving all of the above.
Guess there’s a first time for everything...

Barbecue. Motorcycles. Freemans. Yep.

Barbecue. Motorcycles. Freemans. Yep.

So, the Australian motorcycling gods known as Deus Ex Machina are opening a pop-up shop at Freemans Sporting Club. And as tradition mandates, they’ll be hosting a morning ride and an all-day barbecue party in celebration of their newfound alliance. You’re a sucker for a made-up tradition.

What Else Is New
Bodega Negra Cafe and Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe

Bodega Negra Cafe and Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe

If you want margaritas: You can have Kelvin Slush versions at Dream Downtown’s new Bodega Negra Cafe.
If you want jerk chicken: You can get a tasty take on it from Miss Lily’s new East Village location.
If you want both: You can have both. Because this is America.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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