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Firearms, Warhol and Bikini Delivery

Shooting the Gun from Pulp Fiction

Shooting the Gun from <em>Pulp Fiction</em>

Here’s the thing about shooting guns: it’s a lot more fun if you’re shooting the same kinds they used in Pulp Fiction, Dirty Harry and Taxi Driver. Well, there’s a new mobile shooting range that’ll let you do just that. It’s like a food truck with tommy guns instead of Asian tacos.

Bikinis. Delivered. Because Vegas.

Bikinis. Delivered. Because Vegas.

Maybe you’re at the Palms. And maybe your cabana-mate loses a bikini top in a bikini-top-losing accident. And maybe, just maybe, there’s a new bikini concierge service that’ll deliver a new one right to you in less than an hour. Okay, definitely.

Available now, Bikini Concierge at Palms, 866-942-7770

It’s the World’s First Polaroid Museum

It’s the World’s First Polaroid Museum

The Linq is now home to the world’s first Polaroid museum and store. Which means that if you’re into things like grainy, candid shots taken by Andy Warhol, or printing out Polaroids of your own smartphone pics, you should go. Is what that means.

We Heard You Like Pizza

We Heard You Like Pizza

Fact: porchetta sandwiches are delicious. So are pizzas. And this new pork-centric lounge-meets-diner gets that fact. Hit one of the tufted-leather booths and enjoy things like crispy pork nuggets and Pig Crazy pizza, or get them to go at their Provisions shop. It’s a shop that has provisions in it.

Now open, The Blind Pig, 4525 Dean Martin Dr (at W Harmon), 702-430-4444

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s hot in the desert. Just is. So it might make sense for you to eat sorbet with beer in it. And ice cream with avocados, bacon and tomatoes in it. And donut ice cream sandwiches. And here’s a new place where you can do that. And... we’ll stop now.

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