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Now, Hog Island Oyster Co. Meets Its Destiny

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The other day you heard a troubling story from an old friend. Turns out, they’re just not that into oysters.

Find new friends at Hog Island Oyster Co., the bigger new incarnation of what might be the city’s single most important contribution to society. It’s now open in the Ferry Building, and all but one of the below things are true. (Okay, it’s #9.)

#1: It’s double the size it used to be.
#2: There are three bars. One’s got a view of the Bay Bridge.
#3: If you’re expecting a nautical theme involving plenty of wood and rope, you’re... correct.
#4: You can actually have dinner here now. Seriously. Open until 10pm on the weekends.
#5: You can have drinks here now. Seriously.
#6: First up is probably the Hog Island Bloody Mary, made with “hog wash.” (It’s oyster juice.)
#7: As for the oysters—you’ll get ’em raw, you’ll get ’em barbecued three ways, you’ll get ’em in po’boys. That was a lot of apostrophes.
#8: You could forego oysters entirely for some nice smoked potted sturgeon or steak frites.
#9: They got rid of the grilled cheese sandwich and oyster chowder. Sorry.
#10: Just making sure you remembered. #9 totally isn’t true. Chowder and grilled cheese for everyone...

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