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Sunset Views and Amaro Cocktails at Casa del Mar

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Forgive us.

But this week, we’ve got another beautiful new cocktail-y place right on the shore.

Just let us know when you’ve had enough of those.

Until then, here’s Terrazza, a stunning lounge with basically nothing between it and the sand, opening tomorrow at Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica.

You’ll squire a date to the crescent-shaped salon in the lobby’s stern, to the right of Catch. You’ll quickly appreciate how even the inside looks like the beach—sea-glass-tinted, heated floor tiles and hurricane lamps around sand-colored tabletops. Then right past the swath of open windows is, well, the endless sprawl of actual beach.

You could show up here for a breakfast of pastrami hash and lobster panini for lunch, but the real move involves timing your arrival to the sunset. Occupy two rattan chairs and toast your astute taste in beach-adjacent cities with some Sicilian Smashes (amaretto with bourbon, citrus, mint and bitters).

Soon, the sky will turn all shades of psychedelic orange, pink and purple. And when your gaze reverts back to your date... turns out your table has been filled with dishes like steamed mussels with blood sausage, and Maine lobster crudo with truffles and caviar.

Yep, so this is the subtle approach.

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