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Here’s what’s wrong with bus travel:


Someone should really fix that.

Oh wait, someone just did. It’s Vonlane, a first-class and extra-comfortable coach that’ll transport you between Dallas and Austin, rolling out today with pickups/drop-offs at Wyndham Love Field.

Right, so it’s not your average sardine can of a bus. In fact, it’s the opposite. Because it’s sporting just 16 spacious leather seats, a conference room, wi-fi, satellite TVs and other things that make traveling down I-35 a downright joy. And here’s when it’ll come in handy.

For being all productive.
You’ve got three hours to kill, so you might as well get some work done. That’s where the Internet access and electrical outlets come into play. Then again, you could just watch a movie.

For mobile meetings.
Walk to the back, and there’s a six-person conference room. So reserve that when you’re traveling with colleagues, and you’ll have plenty of desk space for spreading out and putting the final touches on that big presentation. Provided you don’t hit any bumps.

For decidedly not working.
ACL. SXSW. Other, non-acronym reasons to head south. Sure, you could drive yourself. But your car doesn’t come with wood floors, TVs, copious legroom and an attendant who caters to your every whim.

Not yet, anyway.


at Wyndham Love Field
3300 W Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX, 75235


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