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Bourbon, Beer and a Dance Patio in Wynwood

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You’ve been to some good house parties in your day.

But none of them had flappers attempting the Charleston after one too many tumblers of bathtub gin.

Actually, yeah, a lot of them did. The whole flapper theme is kind of overdone.

Anyway, here’s a bar in an old ’20s house...

Say hello to Brick House, a revamped 1920s drinking den in Wynwood, now soft-open on Fridays and Saturdays for all your outdoor-dance-party needs.

Stepping inside, you’ll think you’ve stumbled into someone’s house from the 1920s—because, well, this was someone’s house in the 1920s. The concrete finishes and grainy wood tables give you the sense that people have been slinging back Brooklyn Browns on the weathered bar stools for years.

Start your night at the bar with one of their small-batch bourbons, or one of the 25 specialty brews like the Founders Porter. Near the bottom quadrant of your beer, you’ll probably want some lamb sliders and crab cakes. Then you’ll probably be thirsty again. Another round seems innocent enough...

And then, you might finally be about ready to move on. Until the DJ throws on Bastille’s “Pompeii” and the group of girls with pixie cuts officially start the dance party out under the strung-up white lights on the patio.

Okay, okay. You’ll stay.


Brick House
187 NW 28th St
Miami, FL, 33127


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