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Ramen and Blowtorches in Allston

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We’re going to let you take some practice slurps now. Ready?

Okay, that was weird. Let’s not do that.

Just save it for Totto Ramen, Boston’s very own outpost of the revered NYC ramen temple, opening Saturday in Allston.

Maybe you’ve heard the stories. Probably not. Maybe, though. Anyway, it goes like this: two Tokyo-style noodle bars open in Manhattan, serving a creamy chicken broth that’s an umami gateway drug. Chaos, multi-hour lines and much joy ensue. And now it’s here.

This all goes down in a little room full of black steel and oak. You’ll take one of those swiveling stools at the wooden bar overlooking the open kitchen. It’s like a stainless-steel ramen theater. So order a bowl of something and watch the show.

You’ll see your noodles get cooked for 45 seconds, then added to a broth it took seven hours to make. And if you opt in for some pork belly (you will), they’ll blowtorch it right in front of you. And there’s your ramen, in 90 seconds flat. Except don’t time them, because that would be distasteful.

Pro tip: as long as you’ve got broth in your bowl, you can get a noodle refill for a few extra bucks.

In theory, this could last forever.


Totto Ramen
169 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA, 02134


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