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Pastrami and Egg Creams at Grand Central Market

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A brief, highly personal history of your sandwich milestones:

Your first PB&J with the crusts left on.

That dalliance you had with a brooding “sandwich artist” in high school.

And Monday, when you go see Mezze’s chef piling his pastrami between two slices of bread.

That will happen at Wexler’s Deli, an authentic Jewish deli where former Mezze/Craft chef Micah Wexler cures meats, smokes fish and revives your grandparents’ favorite soft drinks, opening Monday in Downtown.

Big picture: a big old house-cured, hand-sliced pastrami sandwich on daily baked bread awaits you in the middle of Grand Central Market.

Guess we’re done here. See you there.


You want to know more.

Okay: just squeeze through the chaos until you reach two gleaming wings of white tiles covered with Gregory Siff’s drawings of the Dodgers, the owners and deli food. Grab one of the 10 stools, scan the menu overhead... and ponder a list of food made the same way it was back when handlebar mustaches were in their pre-irony height of fame.

Daily baked bagels for breakfast, with applewood-smoked sturgeon. Hand-sliced pastrami with barrel-aged pickles for lunch. Chocolate egg creams. Black-and-white cookies.

You look too thin.

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