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There’s only one thing to do when you wake up and smell the glorious smell of bacon wafting through the air.

Find the source and shut that motherf**ker down.

That’s what some sensitively nosed people thought when Bacon Bacon first went brick and mortar, anyway.

But you, you’ll be pleased to know that Bacon Bacon Café is over its hard times—it’s back, it’s got a high-tech exhaust system to better contain its delicious bacon-y smell (really), and it’s open now.

You probably remember what happened the first time the guys behind the Bacon Bacon truck opened a kitchen. Chaos ensued, that’s what happened. Bacon-hating neighbors, battles with the city, “Weekend Update” reports on SNL...

Anyway, sorry to dredge up all that unpleasantness. Let’s just focus on one thing: it’s back. A bright, welcoming immobile hall of breakfast sandwiches (with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar and bacon jam), bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, bacon bouquets, all the good stuff.

And... new stuff. They’ve got a cronut riff, with a maple glaze and candied bacon involved. There’s also now both table and counter seating, so you might want to actually hang out.

Life moves so fast.

It’s important to stop and smell the bacon.


Bacon Bacon Café
205A Frederick St
(at Ashbury)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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