A Deli. A Market. A Wine Shop. A Restaurant. This.

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A lot can change in about a month.

You can cycle through about 73 seasons, for example.

Oh, and a new Italian restaurant (and wine shop, and market, and salumeria) can rise up from the hallowed Incanto spot...

Nod your head slightly in an impressed manner, because Porcellino has already moved in, unpacked, situated the pork ragù and panna cotta, and thrown open its doors.

Nothing against Incanto, it was an offal-dinner legend around here. But if the owners had to turn it into something else, well, an all-day bastion of notably thorough Italian-ness seems like a pretty good call. And the looks haven’t changed offensively. Nobody’s life has been made worse with a new deli case.

And so, your next lunch. Maybe a quick Italian Dip (that’s a sandwich, with meatballs), along with any essentials you might need to take home: pasta, a salumi platter, chicharrones and maybe a case of wine. Like we said, just the essentials.

But after you’ve handled that, there’s no pressure to leave. As the sun streams in and the shadows move across the room, you can easily kill a few more hours with meats and cheeses and wines, maybe a lazy Saturday or maybe a playing-hooky kind of afternoon with no important agenda.

Until dinner.


1550 Church St
(at Duncan)
San Francisco, CA, 94131


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