Foot Clan

It’s Soccer. It’s Golf. It’s Both.

None If you’re heading to the golf course, you’re going to need:

Clubs: nope
Bag: negative
Regulation-size-five soccer ball: absolutely

Take a mulligan for FootGolf, a hybrid sport that’ll have you kicking soccer balls around a golf course, now operating at Lake Park Golf Club in Lewisville and expanding to Dallas soon.

Used to be, if you started chipping soccer balls onto the 17th green, you were looking at stern reprisals from the marshal. But now, it’s a sanctioned sport. Or maybe it’s a sanctioned “sport.” Either way, the rules are basically the same as golf, except strokes are kicks and the hole’s a reasonable 21 inches wide.

The dress code (there’s a dress code) suggests you don a collared shirt, argyle socks and a driver’s cap. So... take that under advisement. Then, just step onto the course, stretch, take a nip from your flask, and try not to slice your drive onto the adjacent fairway.

For now, Lake Park is your home course, but soon you can also start teeing off at Dallas’s Keeton Park. So then you can say, “Nah, not that FootGolf course. Let’s play at the other one.”

Next stop, Rio 2016.


at Lake Park Golf Club
6 Lake Park Rd
Lewisville, TX, 75057

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