Beast of the Southern Wild

A Leisurely Perch at the Bottom of the World

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Just outside the southernmost city in the world, it waits.

A green-roofed refuge surrounded by exotic plants, deep basins and mountains the magnitude of which only exists in dreams.

And inside: you, just chilling in a hot tub.

All hail Arakur Ushuaia, a clandestine resort in the foothills of Argentina filled with pools and bars and restaurants and... beds, now taking reservations for May.

Location, location, location.

This place has a good one. It’s perched on a naturally carved-out mountain ledge 800 feet above sea level. What that means for you: unobstructed views of blue-water vistas, sprawling forests and the city of Ushuaia. Not to mention it’s a quick shuttle away from Cerro Castor, the most southerly ski resort in the world.

For your lodgings, just pick a room. Any room. They’ve all got floor-to-ceiling windows and copper, marble and stone finishes. It’s like a barn in Patagonia got together with a snow globe and said, “Yes... us.”

As for what you’ll do when you’re not skiing, you could sidle up to the poolside bar (the one right next to all the hot tubs). Maybe occupy one of the 40 seats in the traditional Argentine restaurant. Work on your tan in the glass-walled solarium.

Point is: good hotel.


Arakur Ushuaia
Cerro Alarkén 1 (9410)
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
+54 2901 44 2900
official website


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