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A Private Booth with Nearly Nonstop Whiskey

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You know the saying: old soldiers never die, they just get tables named after them where you can get bourbon-centric, four-course tasting menus.

Yup, that’s what they say.

Introducing The General’s Booth, a new semiprivate table at the St. Regis Bar inspired by General Pershing and serving up a parade of bourbon cocktails, taking reservations now.

First, the history: after winning WWI, John J. Pershing lived at the St. Regis, where he liked to defy Prohibition by mixing himself a predinner cocktail out of his flask. Your kind of guy.

A few decades later, they’ve finally given him a namesake table. And it’s the only place you can get this reservation-only, cocktail-focused tasting menu.

So gather up five friends. (Bonus points if you show up in a tank; they’ll even valet park it for you.) Then dive into drinks like Remember the Maine—bourbon, absinthe, vermouth and Cherry Heering. Oh, and a baked scallop with figs. And on it goes, all the way through Wagyu strip loin with marrow, a barrel-aged Manhattan with vintage 1985 sherry and a Chocolate-Whiskey Dome for dessert.

Next month, they’ll do the same thing with rum drinks, and June is all about tequila, mezcal and pisco.

More so even than usual.

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