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One-of-a-Kind Dapperness in Cobble Hill

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Feel it.

It’s... sort of, kind of... if you squint hard enough... warm out.

Invites to places that end in “-hampton” and “Island” and... “-tauk” are rolling in.

Spring, dare we say, is springing.

Your first move: vigorous expressions of joy. Your second move: head here.

To WP Store, a big white corner of being the best-dressed person in the room, now open in Cobble Hill from the Italian nattiness purveyors of WP Lavori in Corso.

It’s the old Smith + Butler space, and it looks... pretty much the same, only full of stuff you can’t find elsewhere in town. You’ll stock up on linen button-downs from Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Shawl-collar, chambray Hawaiian-print shirts from Engineered Garments. Not that we have a specific one in mind.

And because water exists, and you’ll want to spend time around and possibly in it, Woolrich’s map-print swim trunks might make sense, too. The pattern includes an image of Woolrich’s private vacation island.

You know you’ve made it when your home is printed on pants.


WP Store
225 Smith St
(at Butler)
Brooklyn, NY, 11231


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