Things to do for April 04, 2014

The Weekender

Smorgasburg, Rum Boats and Gold

The weekend is drafting Top 10 lists.

Two New Art-Date Destinations

Two New Art-Date Destinations

In the world of neo-Dada sculpture, no name looms larger than Urs Fischer. You’ll... have to take our word on that. See, his sculpted renditions of The Last Supper and a mermaid are now at Gagosian’s new UES gallery and new LES pop-up, respectively. Alert your acquisitions team.

Now open, Gagosian Gallery UES, 821 Park Ave (at 75th), 212-796-1228; pop-up through May 23, 104 Delancey St (at Ludlow)

A Suiting Legend Comes to NYC

A Suiting Legend Comes to NYC

Behold, one of New York’s most exciting and rare phenomena: the bespoke-suiting appointments of Antonio Liverano. The legendary Florentine tailor is making one of his rare trips into town at Tribeca’s Armoury to ensure that you’re flawlessly haberdashed. So maybe stop by and pay your respects.

Through Apr 5, The Armoury, 168 Duane St (near Hudson), 646-613-7613

The Water Table Has Returned

The Water Table Has Returned

Brooklyn’s number-one floating dining vessel has returned to sail the high seas of the East River for spring and summer. Yes, the Water Table’s back with crab cakes and a solid rum list. It’s just not proper seafaring without a rum list.

Now sailing for the season, The Water Table, India St. Pier (near West), Brooklyn, 917-499-5727

Now Outside Again: Smorgasburg

Now Outside Again: Smorgasburg

You know Smorgasburg. Well, it’s back outside. So here are the new delicacies you need to be trying: Barbadian fish sandwiches from Mr. Cutters. General Tso’s fried chicken from a former French Laundry chef at Martha. Uruguayan sausages from Txorizeria. (Yep, Uruguayan-sausage season snuck up on you again.)

Sat-Sun through fall, Smorgasburg, Sat: East River State Park (at Kent and 7th), Sun: Brooklyn Bridge Park (at Pier 5), Brooklyn

What Else Is New
Ramen.Co and Alfredo 100

Ramen.Co and Alfredo 100

If you loved the ramen burger: FiDi’s new Ramen.Co has three of them, and three kinds of ramen, too.
If silverware’s not good enough anymore: Alfredo of Rome is back as Alfredo 100 in Midtown. They’ve got gold forks. Gold spoons. And a proprietary dish you might’ve heard of.

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