Barreled Over

Beer and Whiskey near the Capitol

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Sure, you can have too much of a good thing. Just not when you’re talking about bourbon, beer and pork.

Phew. Good thing we’re talking about bourbon, beer and pork today.

Here’s Barrel, a new sanctuary of brown liquor, beer and Southern cooking, officially opening Monday in the old 18th Amendment space.

This is basically proof that Capitol Hill can occasionally produce good, forward-thinking things that deliver the people exactly what they want. In this case, two levels that look like a barrelhouse, and literally stocked to the rafters with American whiskey. (Yes, they have Pappy Van Winkle. Yes, even the 23-year-old.)

First stop: the bar. It’s a big one, all poured concrete and Michigan barn wood. At this end: a board listing the 16 drafts. At that end: 10 small barrels aging cocktails, punches and, pretty soon, hot sauce. All over: Southern-inspired chow like Carolina BBQ Pork Sticky Buns and Pheasant, Rabbit and Chard Pie.

Second stop: well, it’s another bar called the Elixir Bar. It’s downstairs, it’s bedecked with stained glass, and it’s where you’ll go for whiskey dinners and such at the giant communal tables. It’s also where you’ll go for drinks made with herbs and medicinal liqueurs.

Just the thing for allergy season.

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