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Liquid Nitrogen + Chocolate = Ice Cream

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The ice cream game has gotten pretty competitive these days.

If what’s in your cone hasn’t had some help from liquid nitrogen and the US Patent Office, well... thanks for playing.

Related: meet the bold new incarnation of Smitten Ice Cream, a Rockridge offshoot of the famed Hayes Valley scoop shop that’s not in a shipping container this time, opening tomorrow.

You know Smitten. It’s that place whose founder got real science-y about the art of frozen dairy—after a long process that involved minus-321-degree temperatures and three patents, she got you some ice cream. From a machine surrounded by some fairly dramatic liquid nitrogen fog.

So this one’s basically like an ice cream brewery, what with the 10-foot liquid nitrogen tank, the simmering caramel and the six ice creams on tap. For now, your options include TCHO 60.5% chocolate, classic vanilla, fresh-mint chip, salted caramel, brown sugar with cinnamon shortbread cookies and rhubarb crisp.

All of which is to say: there’s a lot going on in your simple-looking ice cream cone when you stop in here after Ramen Shop or Box and Bells.

Even before you start thinking about toppings.


Smitten Ice Cream
5800 College Ave
(at Birch)
Oakland, CA, 94618


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