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On-Tap Malbec and Grilled Oysters in Hollywood

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Sadly, opening day didn’t go the Dodgers’ way yesterday.

Let’s talk about a different opening day. It’s on an enchanting Hollywood patio, and there’s a big barrel of malbec waiting, so...

Everybody wins.

Lend a hand at Madera Kitchen, a new Mediterranean restaurant with one giant slice of Hollywood patio, opening tomorrow next to Solar de Cahuenga from the same owners.

Come here for your dates, double dates and big-group productions. There’s plenty of room for everybody. You’ll enter through two giant King Kong gates onto that lush patio with olive trees and heavy logs framing a fireplace somewhere under the shadow of the Capitol Records building.

It’s all a pretty great backdrop for your first round of Manhattans spiked with fernet, or a glass of rare Navarro Correas malbec tapped from a giant wooden barrel inside. And soon, your table will start amassing grilled oysters, skirt steak with sunchokes and ricotta ravioli with bacon jus. Things that really go with record building views.

And if this weird, winter-ish weather drives you inside, you’ll find yourself in a high, herringbone-ceilinged dining room with ancient books, wine bottles and birdcages.

If you have to be inside, there’d better be birdcages.

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