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Sleeping in the Hapsburgs’ Old Palace

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Remember: eventually, all empires fall.

And then, a little while after that, you get to sleep in the emperor’s bedroom.

Case in point: the Schönbrunn Palace Suite, a single lavish suite among the 1,441 rooms of the Hapsburg dynasty’s former summer estate in Vienna, taking reservations now from non-royals for the first time ever.

If you know Vienna, you know this place. It’s the palace. The big one. The one with all the statues and garden mazes that’s essentially the Austrian Versailles. Well, after a few centuries of housing kings and lords and priceless monarchical relics, they finally found you a two-bedroom suite to spare—along with a horse-drawn carriage you can borrow for the weekend. (Just keep it below the speed limit.)

And while Vienna’s full of excitement and good schnitzel, we suggest bringing a companion who loves historically significant drapery and just going all Before Sunrise around the 435 acres you’ll call home. Saunter through the rose gardens. Observe the giant pandas at the on-site zoo (it’s the oldest on earth). And if you want anything—fresh towels, a gilded ice bucket, anything, really—just ask your personal butler.

Dare you to ask for a second butler.

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