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Skulls, Pony-Hair Pillows and Bar Carts

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“When you see the giant sumo wrestler squatting in a pile of sticks, you’re almost there.”

Thus concludes our imitation of someone giving you directions to this place...

Cavalier at Coup, the semipermanent pop-up version of the Tenderloin design shop that’s about to outfit your domicile with a bunch of weird and wonderful things (if you’re thinking this means porcelain axes and aluminum bar carts, good thinking), now open in Potrero.

What a divine little place. So divine, in fact, that we just used the word “divine” to describe it. Just a sliver of eccentricity marked by wood slat walls, a dangling metal chandelier and all kinds of things you don’t need but really want.

There’s that life-size sumo wrestler statue at the entrance. Yeah, he’s pretty strange. He’s also all that stands between you and some throw pillows made of reclaimed motorcycle jackets and pony hair. And resin skulls with pheasant feathers on them. And tables. They have some tables, too.

So we’d suggest doing the following: 1) Put some of these things in your home or office and use them as conversation pieces and general signs of good taste. 2) ...

No, that’s it, actually.


Cavalier at Coup
inside Coup d’Etat
111 Rhode Island St, Ste 1
(at Alameda)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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