Things to do for March 27, 2014

The Weekender

Growlers, Pinball and Not Your Average Opera

The weekend’s bracket is busted.

64 Ounces of Beer-Toting Handsomeness

64 Ounces of Beer-Toting Handsomeness

On occasion, you require a 64-ounce beer transportation vessel. Now, an empty milk jug works. But so does a glass growler emblazoned with a red Pegasus, wherein said red Pegasus is emblazoned with the word “Dallas.” Yeah, that sounds better.

Bite City Grill Opens in Fort Worth

Bite City Grill Opens in Fort Worth

You remember Chef Eddy. He once made you delicious things at Pakpao. Well, now he’s out west, making delicious things at Fort Worth’s just-opened Bite City Grill. So go say hi. See how he’s doing. Ask for a plate of five-spice spareribs and some lemongrass-coconut clams. You know, to be friendly.

Three Days of Pac-Man and Pinball

Three Days of <em>Pac-Man</em> and Pinball

Opening day is right around the corner. And the Texas Pinball Festival is a thing that’s also happening soon. So swing by this three-day celebration to play hundreds of classic pinball and arcade games like The Addams Family and Galaga. But first go change some dollar bills.

Mar 28-30, $20-$60, Embassy Suites, 7600 John Q. Hammons Dr, Frisco, 214-471-5777

Crawfish. Just So Much Crawfish.

Crawfish. Just So Much Crawfish.

If you find yourself downtown on Saturday, you may also find yourself face-to-face with 3,500 pounds of crawfish. Fortuitous. So grab a plate and start eating, but be sure to leave some room for beer and bourbon. The things we ask of you...

Opera at the Foundry. Of Course.

Opera at the Foundry. Of Course.

When you think of opera, you might think... large women in Viking hats. Fair enough. But come Saturday, the Fort Worth Opera’s putting on a modern show in the Foundry’s backyard, which means cold beers, fried chicken and zero Vikings. Unless you invited Adrian Peterson or something.

Mar 29, 7-9:30pm, The Foundry, 2303 Pittman St, 214-749-1112

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