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A New After-Work Drink Spot in the Loop

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Okay, everyone, gather ’round. Put on those thinking caps. It’s a brainstorming meeting.

We’re designing a new after-work bar. It’s called Terrace on Clark. Think friendly. Think easy. Think Friday night cocktails with colleagues.

It’s going to be in the old Tuscany space in the Loop, but will obviously be entirely different. Oh, it opens on Wednesday, so we need suggestions pronto. Just shout ’em out...


Who said that? Great. Yes. Definitely martinis. Anyone else?

Martinis that are also caipirinhas!

Um, what? Well... okay, no bad ideas in brainstorming. We’ll call the martini-caipirinhas Rio 40 and make ’em with citrus rum and vodka. That’ll work. What else?

Burgers! Flatbread pizza! Sports on TV! Giant walls of windows!

Yes, yes, yes and yes again! Keep ’em coming!

Breakfast omelets! Lunch salads! Intelligentsia coffee!

Okaaay... that’s not really “after-work,” but we suppose it could open at 7am and do quick-serve oatmeal and eggs and have an all-day coffee bar.

Put the address on Wacker!

Um... well, the thing is, it’s called Terrace on Clark, so...

... Then build an enclosed terrace on the Clark Street side. You’ll get the afternoon sun while you’re drinking beer and eating sliders.

Sounds good to us. That about does it. Great job.

Now let’s get a drink.


Terrace on Clark Bar and Grille
77 W Wacker Dr
(at Clark)
Chicago, IL, 60601


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