Bake Lively

An Instagram-Based Dessert Delivery Service

Instagram is a great tool for summoning a girl to your house with homemade Cheez-Its.

Sweet God, that sounded creepy.

Maybe you should just keep reading...

Because an explanation comes in the form of Benny’s Baker, a mad baking scientist’s side project involving the delivery of things like homemade cereal milk ice cream and improvised Girl Scout cookies to your door, taking orders now.

Meet Lindsay. Lindsay’s a self-taught baker. And luckily for you, Lindsay self-taught herself to bake updated versions of things you already most certainly enjoy. Cheez-Its. Hostess cupcakes. Girl Scout cookies.

Right now, she’s using her Instagram as a menu, so pull it up and start scrolling through pictures (it’s not weird if it’s a menu). You’ll see shots of homemade Butterfingers and Lucky Charms cereal milk ice cream and a dog named Lea (it’s... still an Instagram).

When you see what you like, send a request through her blog. It’ll take about a week to process the order, so maybe don’t sit on your front porch playing with your Speak & Spell until she gets there. We know you.

She takes custom orders, too. Just describe what you’re into and she’ll try her best to make it happen.

This is the part where you invent fried mint juleps.

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