Il Casaro

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A Cheese-Forward Italian Joint in North Beach

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Quick game of hangman:

_ _ _ _ _ _

Wow. Cheese is correct. Well played. We hadn’t really even thought the game had started yet, but okay. We can see cheese is on your mind. So let’s get to it:

Meet Il Casaro, a new pizzeria with a mozzarella bar and all sorts of cheese-related excess like shaved cheese in cones—it’s from the Vicoletto guys, and it’s now open in North Beach.

It’s all pretty Euro in here, with the tables next to tall windows opening out into the sun all day... and the Stefano Ferrara oven cranking out the Neapolitan pizzas... and the early afternoon glasses of wine... and the flat-screens playing soccer football during lunch. They’re turned off at night, though, so you can focus on the cheese.

Whether you’ve ducked in for a quick Peroni-fueled lunch, an afternoon snack or a post-sundown meetup, you’ll get to know fried potato croquettes with mozzarella, maybe a pizza-dough sandwich or a four-cheese pizza. (The pizzaiolo’s from Tony’s.) And on the off chance you’d like to hear more about these cones full of cheese, well, it’s shaved parmesan. In a cone.

Hard to imagine what else you’d need to know.

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