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Downtown’s Showcase for Visiting Chefs

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It’s an inescapable truth about life in Los Angeles:

So many out-of-town visitors, who all want to stand in line for hot dogs and get a photo with you on Judge Judy’s sidewalk star.

Finally, here’s a visitor who just wants to make you a nice bratwurst.

That’s going down at Fifty Seven, a new restaurant with rotating out-of-town chefs in the kitchen—first up, David Nayfeld from Eleven Madison Park—taking reservations now for next Thursday’s opening in Downtown.

You’ll find it in the Arts District’s old Heinz 57 building. So naturally, you’ll be seeing immensely impressive red brick, exposed ducts and blond wood. Naturally. Start by bringing your date to the rectangular bar in the room’s center. Naturally.

Then you’ll want to move to your table on the brick-lined garden lane outside. It lends a big helping of quality-date-ness to your housemade bratwurst, or pickled salad with red miso, or... whatever’s happening. The menu will change pretty much every week. (And then it’ll totally change, again, in a few months when the next out-of-town chef takes over.)

After dinner: abscond to the black basement club, where you can catch some cocktails over a little live jazz.

Absconding works every time.


Fifty Seven
712 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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