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Dumplings and Hot Pots from Roy Choi

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Roy Choi.

He named his new restaurant POT.

Because it’s a bunch of food in pots.

Sure. That’s why.

Anyway, meet POT, the Kogi chef’s new hall of meat- and seafood-packed hot pots, along with some Korean barbecue—opening Tuesday in Koreatown’s Line Hotel.

You’ve got hundreds of options for galbi and pork belly in Koreatown—but only one where these things are made by Roy Choi. So call up some friends you don’t mind crossing chopsticks with. Convene at POT Lobby Bar, then follow Nate Dogg’s voice...

... into a cream-colored, tile-floored dining room with two open kitchens, tabletop induction burners and dried flowers pressed into the walls. There may or may not be a cannabis leaf shellacked somewhere in the mix. Hard to imagine the connection.

Once seated, you’ll be handed some barley iced tea and a newspaper. It’s actually a dense menu. Hand it to the most decisive and/or Korean person at your table, order a Japanese pale ale and kick back. Soon, the table will amass dumplings, molten red bowls of mussels, pork belly and clams, and plates of barbecue pork and galbi served family-style. The food’s all pretty traditional, really.

Considering you’re sitting next to a cannabis leaf.


3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90010


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