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Mill Valley Dinner Dates in a Tudor-Style House

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Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a nice night at home.

Good music on the record player, a bottle of orange wine, bone-in ribeye with charred-spring-onion salsa verde...

To be clear, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a nice night at someone else’s home—which is actually just a nice restaurant that looks like someone’s house.

Make yourself comfortable at Molina, a tiny Tudor-style houstaraunt (sorry) that’s got your next charming dinner date written all over it, opening in Mill Valley on Friday.

Next time you’re up to starting a dinner date with a bit of Golden Gate–crossing scenery, this shall be your destination—under that steeply peaked roof, you’ll find a quiet collusion of fox murals and mid-century gleam. It’s an intimate little room, so when you ask for a table by the windows, they could probably seat you anywhere and fulfill your request. Sort of.

Anyway, you can ask them what record is playing. You can ask them to bring you a bottle of orange wine from the Scholium Project, or a nice pinot noir. You can take a moment to ask your date something thoughtful. And then you can ask for lamb-and-ricotta meatballs, sardine flatbread and maybe that ribeye or a 20-minute half chicken.

So many questions.

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