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Double Down

Southern Comforts and Short Shorts... on the Strip

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You shouldn’t remake movies like Road House.

But if you absolutely had to...

Well, clearly you’d cast McConaughey in the Swayze role.

And also, you’d set it at a place like this.

Stare down Double Barrel Roadhouse, the kind of upstanding establishment that would make its own wine coolers and employ its own Daisy Duke–clad catwalk dancers, now open at Monte Carlo.

This is... not your typical country-road joint. For one, it’s on the Vegas Strip and it’s got a set of retractable glass doors that open right onto the boulevard. For another, no peanut shells on the floor here. Just big aluminum tables, large people-watching windows and a catwalk that dangles directly above your head. That’s where they keep the DB Girls. Their job is to dance while wearing shorts that barely qualify as shorts. Catch their attention when you need another round of wine coolers.

Ah, yes, the wine coolers. They bottle them in-house with things like prosecco, St-Germain and fresh pomegranate juice. You’ll want to day drink those with a couple of crispy BBQ spring rolls (that’s pork, beef, cheddar, mashed potatoes, coleslaw) and some county-fair-style corn dogs.

Finally, something to do in Vegas during the day.


Double Barrel Roadhouse
at Monte Carlo
3770 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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