The Wild Detectives

True Detectives

An Oak Cliff Bookstore That’s Kind Of a Bar

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Some people like to read fiction.

Some people like to read nonfiction.

And some people like to just read whatever book comes with a beer.

Curl up with The Wild Detectives, a little red house full of good books, good beer and comfortable nooks in which to enjoy both, now open in Bishop Arts.

This here’s the kind of spot where you can start your morning with a strong espresso and a blueberry muffin, and end your evening with Velvet Hammers while flipping through The Complete Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Or maybe something with more pictures.

For doing just that, these guys turned an old house into a wooden cabin sporting community tables, bookshelves and one very important six-seat bar. It’s there that you’ll order cappuccinos and pastries and... cheese boards with dried cherries. You know, brain food.

And unlike your usual bookstore/coffee shop, this place has real evening potential. By evening potential, we mean local beers like Peticolas.

Though feel free to unleash that potential anytime after noon.


The Wild Detectives
314 W 8th St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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