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Great moments in laboratory science:

—Louis Pasteur turns out a vaccine or two.
—Bunsen and Beaker blow something up on The Muppet Show.
—You collaborate on a hot sauce/cucumber/apple pie cocktail that tastes surprisingly decent.

That last one’s courtesy of The Gibson’s Laboratory, a new, somewhat experimental usage of the 14th Street cocktail bar’s second floor, now open.

You know the drill in here. No sign out front, reservations suggested, no standing allowed. But now head up to the second floor and you’ll find a choose-your-own-adventure manner of drinking.

In your hand: the “omakase” menu—a sushi-style tick sheet, on which you check your preferred liquor, flavor profile (bitter, sour) and any other preferences. (Yes, this is the time to note your fondness for fresh-cut grass with notes of Hostess cupcake.) Or you can just pick “bartender’s choice” and be done with it.

But once you’re finished with the scientific method, you’ll also probably want to peruse the new spring cocktail list, with ingredients like green-pepper-infused gin and chocolate soda, and names like the Frank Underwood and Bananas in Places They Shouldn’t Be.

Not that you don’t already know.

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