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Humphry Slocombe Takes the Ferry Building

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Ever tried to be pissed off while eating peanut-butter-curry ice cream?

Exactly. It’s impossible.

But feel free to test that theory at the new Humphry Slocombe, the Ferry Building’s version of that ever-faithful bastion of cream-related wonderment, now open.

You’ll be looking for a little walk-up counter right across from Blue Bottle. It’s got a sign that says “Humphry Slocombe.” It’s also got a glass case filled with ice cream buckets, a grab-and-go cooler with pints in it and a foldout flavor board off to the right.

That flavor board’s key. It’s going to help you decide between anything from brown-butter ice cream to lemon-ginger sorbet to a little number they call Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. You get no guesses as to what’s in that.

And soon, they’ll be adding a couple tall tables so you can grab a bag of bacon peanut brittle, stand around and stay awhile. Maybe play sudoku or something. Whittle a walking stick. Smile at people. Catch up with your friend Gary.

We’ll also accept “eat ice cream.”


Humphry Slocombe
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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