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Massachusetts’s First Cider Taproom

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There’s a place in Somerville where the hard cider is sourced from carefully selected springs and contains naturally occurring minerals for a crisp, clean taste.

Wait. We’re getting word that hard cider doesn’t come from a spring.

So it’s probably a new taproom, if we had to guess...

Confirmed. It’s Bantam Cider Taproom, a near-bottomless reservoir of fermented apple juices pouring on command, opening late next week in Union Square.

The Bantam Cider Company. That happened in 2012 when a real estate agent and an architect stopped real-estate-ing and architect-ing and took up adult cider instead. And now, they’ve built the first cider taproom in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Unstoppable, those two.

You’ll find this down an unassuming Somerville side street. Once you enter through a little gray door, you’ll discover a vast white room containing nothing but eight tap lines and two giant wooden tables to rest your glass on.

They’ll be doing tours soon, but for now... you know what to do. Start with a classic, crisp Wunderkind. Then try something more enterprising, like the La Grande, a blend aged in those bourbon and rum barrels in a production room behind the bar.

They age so fast these days.


Bantam Cider Taproom
230 Somerville Ave
(entrance at 42 Merriam St)
Somerville, MA, 02143


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