Tale of the Tape

A Battle Between Two New Scottish Hotels

None 10 Photos Hotel du Vin St Andrews and Malmaison Dundee
Well, look at that: two sleek new hotels—Hotel du Vin St Andrews (above left, opening April 1) and Malmaison Dundee (open right now)—just sprouted up. In the very same scotch-loving, golf-worshipping country, no less. (That would be Scotland.)

So assuming that golfing and drinking scotch in the motherland of those things intrigues you, we’re going to break these two abodes down for you, tale-of-the-tape-style...

The Locations
Hotel du Vin: A two-minute walk to St Andrews (yes, they’ll reserve your tee time) in a castle-like mansion overlooking the beach (yes, you should bring a sweater).
Malmaison Dundee: A 244-minute walk down the coast to St Andrews. But a zero-minute walk to the in-house whiskey den... (More on that later.)
Edge: HDV. Hard to compete with the birthplace of golf. Even harder with beaches.

The Rooms
Hotel du Vin: 22 wood-trimmed rooms with plenty of tartan pillows and showers that feel like you’re standing under a rain cloud. So, just like outside, but warmer.
Malmaison Dundee: 91 rooms, all decked out in velvet, with claw-foot tubs.
Edge: Push. Velvet beats wood, but rain showers beat bathtubs.

The Board
Hotel du Vin: A French bistro sporting a 500-bottle-strong wine list (hence the name).
Malmaison Dundee: A restaurant grilling dry-aged Scottish steaks over charcoal, plus a speakeasy-style cocktail bar with a private room dedicated to whiskey consumption.
Edge: Malmaison. William Wallace didn’t die for chardonnay.


Hotel du Vin St Andrews
40 The Scores
St Andrews, KY16 9AS
United Kingdom
084474 89269
official website

Malmaison Dundee
44 Whitehall Crescent
Dundee, DD1 4AY
United Kingdom
0844 693 0661
official website


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