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The Slanted Door’s Incredibly British Offshoot

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Warning: this story has a really sad ending.

But then after that there’s a really happy one. It involves prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

Everybody get happy for The Coachman, the striking English-leaning tavern from the Slanted Door team rising up from the once-flooded Heaven’s Dog spot—it opens Monday.

It’s not that you won’t miss Heaven’s Dog. Place was great. But it’s nice to see the guys finally making this space hum again—and it’s nice to see that woven wall and long, beautiful cypress bar from the old days. Makes you hungry for some Englishness—prime rib and Yorkshire pudding, sure, but also lamb sweetbreads, potted crab, pig’s head pie, blood sausage... because those things are all around you. And they smell delicious.

So don’t come here for a solo snack. Come here with a bunch of friends, and tell any stray vegetarians you’ll meet up later. Congregate at the bar over a round of Athol Broses (think whiskey, honey, cream and oats), and then get to your table in the back. It’s much roomier in here now. Though, honestly, it’s kind of best right there at the bar. So maybe stay. Cover it with all the heavy, meaty stuff you need. It’s family-style, so just... go for it.

And try not to forget about the vegetarians...

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