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A 24/7 Mad Scientist’s Tea Lab in Venice

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Sunday night, you... probably won’t win an Oscar. Just speaking generally here. What are the odds.

But come Monday, here’s where to hunker down with your laptop, get jacked on caffeine and begin work on your future contender...

And you literally never have to leave.

Enter a brave new world at Gunpowder, a crazy 24/7 beachside café with an indoor yard serving caffeine like you’ve never had it before (no, really), opening Monday in Venice.

Past the wide walnut-slab counter and skateboard-hanging rack, you’ll find a lounge divided into two sides: when you need to hash out your concept for your new app (“like Uber for surf wax”), take an office chair at the 12-foot communal elm table to the right.

But if you just want to work on your new script with your feet in the grass, veer left—there’s an Adirondack chair with your name on it. On real grass. Under a Gehry cloud lamp. (Yes, you’re still inside.)

And your energy source: tea like you’ve never had. Smoked with hickory and cherrywood, infused with Szechuan peppercorns or hand-roasted in a wok. Have it in a latte, and that’ll involve roasted chicory, dandelion, cocoa shells and guayusa.

Everyone always forgets to thank their guayusa.


202 Main St
Venice, CA, 90291


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