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Late Nights of Burgers and Geranium Cocktailing

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Saturday night. Midnight.

A critical moment in any good weekend narrative.

You could decide to go all-in on some bad decisions, or you could go home.

And if the bad decision involves a scotch-and-geranium drink and a full rack of ribs...

Then congratulations, you’re at The Square—a late-night-friendly new restaurant and watering hole from the Sons & Daughters guys, opening Saturday.

Not much is left of the Bottle Cap/Washbag/Herb Caen/“Vitamin V” days now—just the original copper bar. You’re now stepping into a bold new era of elevated communal tables, funky string lights and ribs. Full racks of baby back ribs, served with polenta and cucumber salad. There’s also chicken-fried quail and a burger looking to make your acquaintance.

Why you’re here: well, that’s up to you. Great spot for a casual first (or 14th) date. Dinner or just drinks. Aside from the Geranium 7 ’n 7 (scotch with geranium soda), you might also be into an Eagles Talon, which A) is like an Old Fashioned but made with fernet, and B) sounds cooler when you order it.

But most importantly, they’re open until 1am during the later half of the week, so it’s also a place you could end up after your casual dinner date—with that date or without.

No shame in keeping a burger on the side.


The Square
1707 Powell St
(near Union)
San Francisco, CA, 94133


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