Heavy Seas Alehouse

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A Baltimore Alehouse in Rosslyn

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It’s easy to get all disoriented as soon as you hit the suburbs.

Case in point: you go just a couple blocks into Rosslyn, and suddenly you’re in Baltimore. Well, a Baltimore alehouse anyway.

Here’s Heavy Seas Alehouse, the second such place from the Baltimore brewery, opening tomorrow in Rosslyn.

If you’ve ever wondered just what exactly lies on the other side of the Key Bridge, well, now’s a good time to go exploring. You’ll find a big room befitting the brewery’s pirate-y pretentions—ropes, buoys, barrels, portholes, lots of wood from a Wyoming farm (pirates rarely got to Wyoming, but let’s not quibble).

Anyway, grab a table. Order up a beer cocktail. Then get to the menu from a chef who spent time at New York’s Gramercy Tavern. He’s turning out smoked quail, braised-rabbit pasta and oysters that come with yuzu hot sauce, wasabi and sriracha.

Probably a good time to investigate the 17 taps (three of them cask). Sample their Small Craft Warning pils or Powder Monkey English pale, or branch out into local breweries like Devils Backbone and Port City.

And you can fill a growler with any of them.

Go ahead, refer to it as your booty.

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