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Beautiful Three-Course Doughnut Meals, Right Here

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The problem with grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken tacos and pulled-pork sandwiches is, none of them are doughnuts.

None of... them... are...

Nope, couldn’t say it again with a straight face.

Clear your weekend schedule for Bespoke Doughnuts, a two-man pop-up operation devoted exclusively to beautiful three-course doughnuttery—now happening weekends at Mélange Market and Beaux.

There’s a lot of handsome happening here. Sure, the Bespoke guys wear bow ties, and we applaud that—though we were referring to the doughnuts. Some people stick to jelly-filled. These guys have done all of the above: chicken-taco doughnuts. Pulled-pork doughnuts. Grilled-cheese doughnuts. This is the kind of thinking you like to support with your face.

You’ve got two choices: for a doughnut-and-coffee scene, go to Mélange Market. For a doughnut-Bloody-Mary-party vibe, go to Beaux. Either way, you’re in for three courses. Next week’s are a mystery. This week’s are not.

Appetizer: A carrot-ginger doughnut.

Main course: A Hawaiian-barbecue doughnut with a grilled-pineapple filling, sweet teriyaki glaze, and taro or lotus root chips and kalua pig on top. Yeah. That is a real thing you can eat.

Dessert: A Snickers-inspired doughnut.

A salad doughnut would be ridiculous.

Or not.

Hard to tell anymore.
Note: Bespoke Doughnuts, available Saturdays, 9am until sold out, at Mélange Market, 3153 17th St, and Sundays, 1 to 6pm, at Beaux, 2344 Market St, see the slideshow

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