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A Modern Deli of Pronounced Italian-ness

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Six hours:

That’s about the amount of time you could spend sitting in traffic just to procure a cup of coffee, a pork belly panini, chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine to take home.

Six hours:

That’s also the amount of time you could spend hanging out at the Piccolo guys’ new deli that has all those things.

Tough call.

Our money’s on Ciboteca—a coffee shop, sandwich depot, wine bar and patisserie, expecting to open next week in Santa Monica.

It looks good in here, and we’ll get to that in a moment. But come by for lunch and the most memorable design element will be: panini. They’ve got 17 here, stuffed with ibérico ham, veal Milanese, slow-roasted pork belly and... 14 other things.

Right, so how it looks. It’s a streamlined modern space of white subway tiles and glass display cases right beside Hostaria. Somewhere near the end of your sandwich (and the bottom of your beer), you might suddenly be overcome by all the Italian-ness, ignore your two o’clock, order another round, find a newspaper and let the afternoon while itself away.

Or if you’re just passing by and your dinner party is in urgent need of lasagna, salumi and Venetian saltwater eel spread, the takeout counter will be your friend.

All your friends have in-roads to saltwater eel spread.

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