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Brewery-Adjacent Pizza in Dogpatch

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Your forecast for today: 850 degrees.

We should specify that this is a pizza forecast.

Renounce your umbrella for Long Bridge Pizza Co., a brewery-adjacent pizza joint with an 850-degree oven you can’t help but admire, now soft-open in Dogpatch.

Step inside and it’s pretty breathtaking—all the chrome gleam and fire and possibility. The oven, that is. You can see it behind the counter, through the window. The place itself is pretty simple, though: couple tables, some whitewashed wood planks and white subway tiles tossed around what looks like your friend’s garage. If your friend stood around spinning dough on his fists all the time. You do have some strange friends.

Most likely this is your new Dogpatch takeout joint—anytime you find yourself craving a 12- or 16-inch pie that’s not Neapolitan, not New York–style. They use a sourdough starter for the dough, which adds a bit of a kick—and then it’s topped with pepperoni, ricotta and spinach, or sausage and smoked mozzarella.

Oh, and you could also ask them to deliver to Triple Voodoo’s taproom, just a few steps away.

On the off chance you like beer and pizza.

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