Things to do for February 13, 2014

The Weekender

Donuts, Burlesque and Learning to Curl

All’s fair in love and weekends.

Twice the Three Sheets

Twice the Three Sheets

Beer, pizza and a tucked-away location on Ross. Yep, that’s Three Sheets. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the just-opened location on McKinney Ave. Then it’d go something like beer, pizza and... anyway, you get the point. New Three Sheets.

Valentine’s Donuts, Right Here

Valentine’s Donuts, Right Here

There’s a certain holiday tomorrow that necessitates the exchange of thoughtful gifts. So, yes, donuts are the obvious play here. Related: Glazed is making a bunch of special flavors (strawberry mascarpone, chocolate-cherry stout) just for the occasion. Buy a dozen and call it a bouquet.

Three Days of Boas and Pasties

Three Days of Boas and Pasties

“Good things come in threes.” People say that sometimes. They’re usually not talking about burlesque, but in this case, yes. Because the House of Blues is celebrating Valentine’s weekend with three days of suggestive dancing and a general disregard for clothes. Which is just how you hoped to spend it.

Two Tickets for The Notebook, Please

Two Tickets for <em>The Notebook</em>, Please

Certain people (maybe even your Valentine’s date) will want to see The Notebook tomorrow. But don’t worry, because you’ll be watching at Alamo Drafthouse while an Austin-based comedy troupe cracks jokes during the whole thing. Assuming they can find something humorous to talk about.

We’ve Found Your Calling. Curling.

We’ve Found Your Calling. Curling.

Curling is... a peculiar sport you see on TV once every four years that involves frenetic sweeping. Beyond that, not a clue. So on Sunday, stop by the DFW Curling Club (yes, we’ve got a curling club), to learn all the fundamentals. And probably some sound housecleaning techniques.

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