Le Mervetty

’Vetty or Not

A Parisian Salon of Meringue Cakes and Coffee

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There are certain things you expect from a beautiful woman in a tutu.

Excellent lines. Excellent cheekbones. And an admirable willingness to drop everything and get you some meringue pastries and coffee immediately...

That’s the caliber of talent you’ll encounter at Le Mervetty, a crazy/beautiful patisserie staffed by women wearing tutus, because that’s better than a place where they don’t wear tutus—it opens Friday in Beverly Hills.

It’s a stark-white, minimalist salon in here. So far, so... normal for Beverly Hills. Then you look into the glass case and realize you have no clue what they’re peddling. And there’s a lovely woman in a tutu, asking you to try one. All right, well, this is not typically a scenario you walk away from.

What they’re peddling: cream-filled, meringue-based puffs, in five flavors (like Nutella and Speculoos) and covered with things like shaved chocolate and crushed pralines. In short, they’re surprisingly light, like rich, cream-flavored air, and they’re delicious. They come in three sizes, from bite-size to full cake. Properly known as merveilleux, so you know.

Regardless, it’s pretty much entering your life as a grab-and-go spot, next time you just need to start your day with coffee, a tutu and a meringue ball—or you need to take a cake with a story to some party.

Storyless cakes are the worst.


Le Mervetty
319 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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