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Donuts, Stumptown and Wine in West Hollywood

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Classic Valentine’s Day situation:

Candlelit dinner. A charming, diminutive bistro. Red wine burbling from a bottle.

And a table overloaded with donuts.

All hail the imminent arrival of Glazed Donut Bistro, a new bakery serving three squares a day—all three squares involving donuts, naturally—opening Thursday at 6pm in West Hollywood.

It’s a simple, red-brick café, like so many others—except not at all like any other. In the morning, you’ll come for Stumptown coffee and made-from-scratch cardamom-tinged blueberry-lemon donuts or pecan-topped donuts glazed with bourbon-infused caramel. And maybe some stout-infused chocolate sauce for dipping.

And next time you’re in need of a working donut lunch: PB&J donuts for everybody, with a round of IPAs. Serious team-building.

But maybe most importantly, after dark: donut dates. They’ve got blackberry-mojito donuts infused with lime curd and rum-spiked simple syrup. They’ve got shrimp rolls on housemade long johns. They’ve got pulled-pork sliders on donut-hole buns. Basically they’re just completely and utterly shameless about what they’re doing in the making-you-eat-donuts sphere. And yes, there’s plenty of beer, wine and champagne.

Hopefully one of you knows where to find dessert.

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