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Playing Soccer. In a Bubble.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Hey, let’s play soccer.

You bring the ball and some cones.

We’ll take care of the giant bubble suits.

Keep an open mind for Bubble Soccer USA, a new sporting outfit that’ll have you stuffed inside a protective bubble and fearlessly caroming around a soccer field, now operating in East Dallas.

You probably have questions. So here’s the pressing intel you need to know.

... does this exist? Good question. See, an enterprising gent named Steve saw this sport being played overseas and wanted to give us a crack at it. So he’s procured all the necessary gear to make that possible. Also: the bubbles make playing
safer(-ish) and ridiculous-er. Thanks, Steve.

Just rent the equipment, and off you go.
For now, you’ve got to supply your own field, but these guys will deliver everything you need. Everything being a couple goals and a bunch of clear plastic bubbles that fit snugly over your head, torso and arms. That leaves your legs free to do things like run, kick and kick even harder when you’re lying helplessly on the ground like an upended turtle.

Tournaments are coming.
It’s all self-organized pickup games now, but soon they’ll start hosting tournaments. So in the meantime, register a team on their website, slip inside a bubble and start practicing.

You’d hate to look ridiculous out there.


Bubble Soccer USA

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