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A Very Hospitable Ex-Strip-Club in Providence

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This is a story about second chances.

And third chances.

And you sipping martinis and singing karaoke in a former strip club.

In short: it’s a good story.

A story about The Dean Hotel, a former religious refuge that later became a strip club and is now an outstanding place to spend a weekend in Providence, taking reservations now.

We know. You weren’t exactly thinking of heading to Rhode Island anytime soon. It’s not warm. Not warm at all. But turns out, this is just the place to hole up for a long weekend. Observe...

Where ladies once undressed, you now sleep.
Two years ago, this was a full-on gentlemen’s club. Today: it’s 52 rooms’ worth of New England charm, including a penthouse spanning the entire top floor.

You won’t go thirsty. Or under-stimulated.
They’ve added a coffee shop (for your coffee), a German beer hall (for your beers and pretzels) and a cocktail lounge helmed by Providence’s top martinismith (no idea what that’s for, but you’ll figure it out).

Prepare to channel your inner Springsteen.
Because pretty soon, they’ll unveil a Tokyo-style karaoke den. It’s where you’ll sing songs and end your nights saying, “Thank you, Providence.”

Drops mic. Eats a clam cake.


The Dean Hotel
122 Fountain St
Providence, RI, 02903


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